A question, 200 or so readers. How many of you also follow the twitter feed?

  1. aelle

    Nope. For the simple reason that you either follow it all the time, or you never get to see all of a conversation. Such a disjointed medium.

  2. Chris E

    For the reason above, plus the fact that twitter’s ability to control the register of a particular message is terrible.

  3. Matt McG

    Yes. Although the disjointed-ness is an issue, yeah.

  4. duaneg

    Not I, mostly for similar reasons to aelle. Reading twitter feeds is like reading IRC logs with all but a few participants’ messages filtered out. And I *hate* reading IRC logs.

  5. Nope, and while I wasn’t aware of it I still wouldn’t use it for the reasons given by other commentors above.

    Also I can’t help but notice the difference in replies between your wordpress and blogspot readers. (BTW,Another thing I dislike is the disjointedness in the conversations between the two).

    PS I wish I could do away with that stupid gravatar icon but I’ve long lost the password to that account.

  6. Barry Freed

    That was me, btw, stupid gravatar.

    -Barry Freed

  7. Cian

    No, I don’t have the time to deal with twitter.

  8. I do. The disjointedness is only a problem where people don’t adjust to the characteristics of the medium. Plenty of people don’t, but there’s enough who do to make the thing fun to dip into a few times a day.

  9. No. And I thought you were going to park the Blogspot blog!

  10. Barry Freed

    That was no then, this is yes now. Unmentioned by me above is that I’d look in on D^2’s twitter feed but only once in a while.. But then you made me aware that you had one. Then Jamie up and got one. Then the NOTW thing blew up. So now the answer is yes, I do read your twitter feed. And about 20-30 others. All the fucking time. In fact, it’s all I’ve been doing for the past week now. For once I’m glad I’m living in the US because you all go to sleep and I can do something else for a time. Like basic hygiene and stuff. It’s like crack. And it’s all I can do to resist signing up for an account myself. So yes. An emphatic YES! I do read your Twitter feed. Damn you! 😉

  11. Barry Freed

    And as if to hammer my point home Dan Hardie’s just gone and got one too and he’s giving it good to Aaronovitch just now to boot. How the hell does anyone get anything done. I’m doomed….

  12. I’ve succumbed too, at least for the duration of the current emergency. I couldn’t decide whether to pick a name that would reflect my main blog, my beer blog or my work, so I eventually went for none of them.

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