I’ve been thogged by the Ministry. Thogged? Well, it’s a meme going five bloggers who make you think, hence thinking bloggers, hence (thanks to Chris Dillow) thoggers.

I don’t usually do these things, partly because obviousness is hard to avoid. But on this occasion, I’m a-thogging the following bethoggen. die Stiftung Leo Strauss, for their unique take on politics, Kevin Carson, who’s crazy but in a reasonably creative fashion, the RepRap Crew who may just be changing the world, Chris Lightfoot who still makes me think, and Dan Hardie who will be a cracking thogger now he’s got his blog started..

I’d also like to suggest an enhancement to thoggin’. What about the blogger who makes you want to throw up? We could call it vogging.


  1. plaasjaapie

    As to RepRap, yeah we’re changing it. What isn’t clear is what we’re changing it into. 😮

    I’m headed down to San Diego to present some guesses in that regard in the morning at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. You can see a draft of the paper at…

  2. Kevin Carson

    Thanks for the tag, Alex. I feel I must decline, though. I read so many blogs regularly that make me think, I couldn’t even winnow them down to the top tier. Just in the past few weeks, I’ve found this–one of my favorite org theory blogs–as well as Peter Klein’s blog.

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