Kathryn Cramer and Co.’s latest Google Earth overlays for the Pakistani earthquake and Hurricane Wilma are up. Just a word: Carlos of No Such Blog has been back to Key West. His home is standing, but the car is dead, and he estimates 60 per cent of his books have been ruined, which is terrible. He claims to have bought a new car on EBay, which doesn’t entirely fill me with confidence.

Tom “Green Ribbon” Griffin has filed a Freedom of Information Act request into exactly what the MOD thought it was doing hiring Transavia Export and Jet Line International. Unsurprisingly, the Defence Logistics Organisation won’t say, claiming that the request is likely to be “commercially sensitive” under Section 34 of the FOIA, although a final decision won’t be out until the 16th of November. Presumably that’s Viktor’s commercial sensitivities they’re worried about? Still, his FOIAR did better than mine, which dropped into the MOD’s FOI web form and went straight to File Zero without even an acknowledgement.

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