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Term-extraction algorithms have the disturbing property of making things sound more interesting than they really are. These are WordPress’s suggested tags for the last blog post:

community organisers, multilateral agreement on investment, plymouth argyle, james purnell, crash investigation

Way more fun than just another future of the Labour Party post. This is of course inherent in the methodology. You’re trying to identify statistically significant variance in the corpus used, so the weirdness pops out from the background. Like teal and orange.


So I had the opportunity to take part in an Augmented Reality standardisation meeting on the fringe of this year’s 3GSM Mobile World Congress. First of all, it was the year the heavens opened (someone on twitter said it was as if the show had turned into Glastonbury) and I got drenched and my shoes went bad, and my cab didn’t take me to the Telefonica R&D building in Via Augusta but instead to the main switching centre, this amazingly domineering building…

2011-02-17 13.07.09 Telcos – they live in places like this, they know where your dog goes to school, but can they tell you if it’s really your bank on the line?

So I got soaked again, and eventually arrived, and spent the first session listening to my shoes rotting. I acted as scribe for the session on AR browser implementations, markup language vs. JSON, native application vs. browser plugin and the like. I hope I contributed something of value. I have a Flickr set of the annotated flip charts here; I’ve been asked to help prepare the final report. Which just goes to show the enduring truth that if you want to influence something, wait until the very end and sum up with a balanced account. Supposedly this used to be the way to pass the Diplomatic Service exams – buy a pipe, puff on it occasionally during the team exercise, then “sum up with a balanced account”. But you’re not allowed to smoke these days.

2011-02-17 19.16.26

Tagmanian Devil!

I did the Blogger 2.0 migration on Christmas Day, which means we now have the capability to offer thematic ranting. Unfortunately, the 1,393 existing posts are untagged, and posting may be a little slow as I dig through the datadump. So far the latest 100 items have been categorised.

Alex “WorldChanging” Steffen is a fan of Samuel Smith’s organic beers, brewed in Yorkshire’s oldest brewery in Tadcaster. Who knew? I’d comment, but I’m barred from his comments thread for opining that Bruce Sterling is not always right.

Slightly more seriously, the row related to RFID technology – both teh Bruce and the Worldchanging crowd are strongly in favour for reasons connected with recycling. I’m strongly against for reasons connected with liberty. My point was that in the way of things, the security-bureaucratic complex is likely to sink kajillions in liberticidal applications for it long before we get any benefit from Sterlingian notions of “spimes”, “blogjects” and such.