slow-motion procurement failure

Quietly, the Eurofighter project seems to be running into trouble. First of all, Dassault got the Indian contract and the Indians claim that Rafale is dramatically cheaper. Further, they weren’t impressed by the amount of stuff that is planned to come in future upgrades, whose delivery is still not certain. These upgrades are becoming a problem, as the UK, Germany, and Italy aren’t in agreement about their schedule or about which ones they want. Also, a Swiss evaluation report was leaked that is extremely damning towards the Gripen and somewhat less so to Eurofighter.

This is going to have big consequences for European military-industrial politics. So is the latest wobble on F-35.


  1. PhilD

    certainly one factor in the Indian decision was the way that the upgrades supposedly in the RAF pipeline have simply failed to happen, even during the Libyan campaign. It hardly inspires confidence in a perspective customer, when one of the primary users is failing to use utilize an aircraft in the way that you’re portraying it.
    To this day, I always wonder what would have happened if we’d gone the P.1216 route rather than the EAP. Ach, hindsight’s never very helpful in such cases is it?

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