as for the Mahler, I think it could do with a helipad

China’s neo-con blogging fever-swamp, via (of course) Jamie K.

For instance, Gao Yi, a well-known music critic, tweeted: “Compared with a war, US$7 billion is much more worthwhile. Right now, we lack the off-shore staging capacity for a mid-intensity war.

A well-known music critic? Now that’s special. You don’t get detailed comment on the Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s seabasing capability from Martin Kettle when he’s in one of his SUCK ON MY CULTURE, PROLE moods, or indeed when he’s editorialising, do you? Does Brian Sewell take a view on whether the much delayed Maritime Afloat Replenishment Ship project should go down the Dutch/Canadian JSS route, perhaps building on licence from Schelde in the UK, or stick with specialised tanker and dry-replenishment hulls?

It’s a pity that this doesn’t mean their politics is any more pacific.


  1. ajay

    Or, indeed, music commentary from the Royal United Services Institute.

    I am now imagining Jackie Fisher abolishing half the existing orchestras of Britain and demanding a new sort of very large orchestra consisting entirely of trombones, while across the Channel the Marineamtkapelle is torn by the argument between the Kaiser, who wants to create a number of even larger orchestras with lots of cellos and bassoons, and its director of music, Caprivi, who believes the Reich would be better served by stocking every city with twenty or thirty string quartets.

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