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So I couldn’t just drop the OAuth library into the plugins directory because I didn’t have sudo rights there, so I wgot and zipped it and uploaded it as a plugin via the web interface and changed the include to point there. And now the end of the bifurcation era may be in sight. Not there yet, but the first 25 posts got transferred out of a mere 2,725 and 1,943 comments (before we get to thinking about the Enetation ones, I’ve got the dump file somewhere, and that’ll make a python project for one of these days).

Meanwhile, has anyone got experience of running XBMC or one of the many other Linux media centres on a cheapo Android tablet or netbook device, preferably with the content somewhere on a network? I’m thinking of building a not-a-hifi system that lets me have different music rooms – just because I can.


  1. Kate Phillimore

    Hi – I’m writing from the V&A Museums’ Publication department. We would like permission to reproduce a poster that you made for the MyDavidCameron website for a book we are producing entitled ‘British Posters: Art, Advertising and Activism’. Please could you get in touch with me? – Thanks

  2. Myles

    By the way, did you see the new Arnaud Lagardère photoshop video? Completely hilarious. This guy is gonna be helping to run EADS and make rockets.

  3. Cian

    I’ve done it using mpd as a proof of concept, which worked fairly well (you can get a client for your phone as well, which is quite nice). Think Amarok can use something similar.

    XMBC might be a bit heavy unless you want a video player.

    • hmm, I use Amarok as my main music app and I’m not keen on using it more. UI pretty horrible, and kinda heavy on the I/O, although at least they banished the awful memory leaks v2.0 had at first. Generally, not much fun.

      • Cian

        Oh well forget Amarok then. I just figured it was the standard KDE music app. There are good music players for Linux…

        mpd is a client/server (mpd is the server bit which plays the music). Its very lightweight, minimal startup time (even if you’ve added a huge number of music files, which rather impressed me), runs fine on the ancient piece of crap I put it on and you can your client anywhere you like (laptop, phone, web page, whatever). So if you don’t want to have to control your music system from the PC that’s connected to your speakers it’s good, so long as you can find a client that you like (there are dozens; but I use a fairly minimal curses client, so I can’t comment on the rest).

        Its fairly straightforward to set up, so long as you don’t mind config files. Like most Linux based things, the best instructions are found in the Arch Linux wiki.

        XMBC seems geared more for TV/remote set up. It is really nice and it will certainly run on pretty much anything recent.

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