marching on together

For some reason, London rugby league fans are Leeds-influenced – they sing Marching on Together and a version of We are Leeds..Rhinos. Keighley may have fucked up against Whitehaven, but the Keighley and Airedale GMB were next to us on the demo. Photos are here.

It was a fantastic day – like Jamie Kenny said about elections, this vast civic initiative just rolled out, a whole left-wing infrastructure lighting up in its bakelite console after all these years. Throw the right switches and things happen. My favourite quote was from the TGWU Widnes Road Transport shop steward: “We’re not smiling because it’s too serious to smile!” Smiling, of course. In that way it was like a Challenge Cup final day. Lots of chosen sportswear and finely checked shirts. And I still have no idea about the Scousers with the Polish flag.

And the tribal wars, of course. I saw more than one steward wearing a hi-viz vest from Unite that had been remarked to say “My other vest is a GMB” or something to that effect.

Eh, well. When are we coming back?


  1. duaneg

    It was a lovely day. We walked down to Hyde Park from our place and had a great time. Felt like a bit of a cop-out joining in at the end without being on the march proper, but didn’t fancy carting the baby around town for that long.

    I must say EdM didn’t exactly impress, though. It was a poor speech, delivered poorly. He was introduced with a line like “the person most likely to defeat the coalition”, which struck me as a rather depressing thought.

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