Tab-clearing link fart

Mike Konczal and the snark:

We are perpetually in a spiritual crisis that can only be fixed by a woman in the kitchen. It’s a huge win for the second half of the 20th century that this argument has been moved from leading political figures addressing graduating classes to the shadier alleyways of the Wall Street Journal opinion page.

Robert Fisk fisks Gaddafi.

Brilliant, awe-inspiring Borderland Beat piece on the rise of the Sinaloa drug cartel, based on anthropology, history, economics, and Mexican/US counterinsurgency strategies as far back as the early 70s.

Where do these wanktanks keep coming from, education edition?

The lobbyist for brothels.

Python Module of the Week as a book.

Mulcaire must answer.

Oyster cards – they work perfectly simply inside the sensible public-service world of Transport for London, but everything changes when they cross the line into the twisted libertarian fantasy of the privatised rail network. Funny that.

Trying to fix the mortgage fiasco.

Dissolving a corpse in sulphuric acid – it’s harder than you think.

Who’s Lobbying now knows which lobbies use which lobbyists, although there’s still no API.

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