interesting project

This looks interesting. The low-cost base station element is already increasingly well served commercially, and also by the OpenBTS team. But I’d be really fascinated to learn more about the mesh-WLAN side, and I rather think they ought to concentrate on one or the other.

  1. SimonF

    IIRC one of the Japanese 1G systems had this built in – PHS or PHP or something, although I suspect it wasn’t true cellular.

    This is no mean feat. In an FDD system it means switching the TX/Rx frequencies and there may be some filtering issues. In a TDD system its a bit easier but still a challenge as the Tx/and Rx timeslots have to be switched in one f the phones.

    Either way I don’t think the MNOs will be best please as the phone that has had Tx/Rx switched will act as a jammer and if this is done in an urban environment it will cause chaos.

    • +1 and glad to have you on board. I think the Japanese system you’re thinking of was PHS, I remember that the owners wanted to replace the whole thing with WiMAX…anyway.

      You’re entirely right about the duplexing issue (and the processing/power requirements on a device that’s acting as a BTS), also the potential to be either a denial of service jammer or perhaps an IMSI catcher. If you read Serval’s website closely, you’ll see that the peer-to-peer element of their plans apparently uses WLAN rather than a cellular air interface – that’s considerably more practical as it’s already designed to do an ad hoc Layer 2 network, although that doesn’t get used too much except for “Free Public WiFi”:-) And, of course, it has power management and it’s designed to work in filthy unlicensed spectrum.

      It strikes me that this is considerably easier to arrange in IPv6 World what with sparse address spaces, slaac, link locals, ULA, and such things.

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