new emerging threats

Swinging off my Stable & Principled contributions, this is ridiculously great. Who the hell is this menacing new competitor at the intersection of naval shipbuilding, MoD criticism, and obsession with mobile computing devices?

Oddly enough, I keep adding new blogs to my RSS queue at the moment. The scene burns on. On which theme, time for some music. The Beat vs. Smokey Robinson, so that’s not only a cover but also 2-Tone vs. northern soul.


  1. Who am I…………..?

    Ah such mysteries, I have taken a little time off after the CR article, but i will be back to writing shortly.

    Thank you.

  2. And it runs OpenSUSE Linux. Truly he is the son of Gaaahd.

  3. at home yes, at work it’s gentoo. 😀

    and yourself?

  4. Good man!

    I shall have to check out the back catalogue for techy articles. 🙂

  5. Cian

    How does SUSE compare to Ubuntu performance wise? I’m looking for a minimal effort distro that I can recommend to people (I use Arch, which while wonderful, isn’t really for everyone). It used to be Ubuntu, but you seem to need a supercomputer to run the damn thing these days.

    • I’ve not used Ubuntu, so I can’t really help. But OpenSUSE works well in 2GB of RAM with an Intel T1700 Core Duo – most things that slow it down seem to be disk bound. If you have an SSD I’d think it would be blindingly fast.

      The only other distro I’ve used on this laptop is Mandriva Metisse (yeah, there’s a minimal effort option all right….) It does look like the latest kernel patch has broken various bits of ACPI support for this machine again, but then that’s a kernel issue. Otherwise, the install is easy, even for a dual boot scenario on a laptop, and the OS is stable.

      For some reason KDE Kontact has started to be appallingly slow and disk-hammering starting up lately, especially when it filters my e-mail.

  6. both are good, the reviews of opensuse 11.3 have been extremely positive:

    but much the same can be said for ubuntu, and both are suitable for new users as they provide streamlined and powerful configuration GUI’s.

    personally, i am looking forward to opensuse 11.4 in early march 2011, especially since i learned this morning that it should include a new app-store:

    i’d pick opensuse because i prefer KDE, but equally i have friends who prefer ubuntu, choice is yours.

  7. Cian

    T1700 with 2GB isn’t too bad. I’ll look into it. If you have the free RAM, you can often greatly improve performance with a ramdisk for tmp and log files. Putting firefox’s cache into RAM makes a big difference also (as well as disabling PANGO, whatever that is).

    I find Ubuntu very sluggish these days, and I’m very hesitant to recommend it to anyone. I installed it on somebody’s netbook and it was just embarrassing.

    I don’t use desktops myself, but KDE certainly looks a lot more elegant. And professionally, I’ve always been a fan of the QT toolkit. I’ll see if I can find a willing victim, um, user to try it out for me…

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