the participatory panopticon strikes back

Now that I’m on I can have one of these!

I can’t help thinking of this in Gini/Lorenz terms – am I right in thinking there’s interesting information to be had in how the line-of-best-fit of the plot skews around the 45 degree mark?


  1. Matt McG

    Skewed by the fact that I only scrobble my listening at work, which means mostly via Spotify. But probably not crazily unrepresentative.

    • yorksranter

      I skew notably more female, I see (you can plot multiple users on the same chart). But the blokedom/codgerdom correlation seems to be robust.

  2. Not sure I understand this. Both charts (Alex’s, Matt McG’s) show a distribution from bottom left to top right. Does this mean that you both like music that appeals to older men and to younger women?

    • yorksranter

      yes, and I suspect everyone will have a similar pattern with a skew one way or the other

      • Matt McG

        I’d image you could probably get some support for a general male/musical-conservative correlation out of the source data.

  3. Matt McG


    Yeah, although we are both roughly in the middle. Neither of us skews particularly male in our tastes, I’d have thought.

    That list is distorted by featuring a lot of guitar players, which tends to be something which, for various reasons, I listen to a lot at work. But at home I probably listen to a lot more jazz and classical and maybe a bit more dancey/female vox stuff, which overall probably skews just as male as a distribution, so I expect the overall gender balance of my listening there is fairly accurate.

    I notice I listen to music listened to, on the whole, by people a decade younger than I actually am.

  4. Mine’s a bit unrepresentative since I never scrobbled and used to find new (ie mosltly way old, new to me) music.

  5. Me apparently being the only male listener of E o thchan could be seen as counterintuitive, but makes sense to me.

  6. duaneg

    The age values seem rather doubtful to me. No way that the average Howlin’ Wolf and Orbital listeners are the same age, or that the average Bob Dylan listener is significantly younger than the average Bomb The Bass listener.

    On the other hand, that only a couple of other men listen to much Bikini Kill is sadly believable:

    • Matt McG

      It might be that there’s an upper age limit on users? iF there aren’t many users over a certain age [or below a certain age] that’s going to create misleading correlations between artists in terms of the age of their average listener.

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