This is interesting; Brazil is currently carrying out a national census. How? With 150,000 LG 750GM smartphones, and a canny bit of software. Photos are here. Things that struck me – the Americans decided to build a dedicated device and it cost like hell. The operating system on the 750GM, however, is MS Windows Mobile 6.5 – these days, Windows is the cheap and nasty option! But why not, if they’re going cheap?

And one of the biggest problems for the enumerators is getting access to gated communities.


  1. The piece is a little hard on the Americans.

    The decision to build a dedicated device was partly driven by stringent security requirements (although some were security theatre), and I would not be surprised to find that Brazil’s are less secure. Fingerprint sign-on, for example, was one requirement that you don’t find on many off-the-shelf devices.

    A second reason was that the decision had to be made several years ago, at which time off-the-shelf devices were much less capable and (with the exception of the BlackBerry) much less secure.

    The OS on the American device was Windows Mobile 5.0, by the way.

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