2002-style blog community bleg!

Here’s a question for you: when you’re not reading blogs, what else do you do?

  1. Ad regulation by day, photography and beer by night.

  2. Richard J

    Managing the tax of an international professional services firm by day; by night wondering whether the floor in the study or my wife’s patience with my bibliophilia will crack first.

  3. cian

    Finishing my PhD in HCI while looking after twin toddlers. Sleeping if there’s any time left over. Occasionally wondering why I left a well paid developer job for this…

  4. cian

    Human Computer Interaction. Also known as Interaction Design, Usability, Experience Design, Information Architecture…

    So basically a profession with a few identity issues.

  5. Another bloody student (PhD in hist of tech); a lot of the is spent fighting ennui and wondering how all the bloggers manage to be so ruddy productive…

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