a politics lesson

Back to the politics, although of a different kind. Here’s the Guardian‘s piece on Alfie McKenzie, the 14-year old socialist who succeeded in voting on Thursday. What strikes me as politically interesting here isn’t that Alfie’s a socialist, or that he pulled it off, or even that he refused to speak to the Daily Hell on principle, but this bit from the news story:

He went home, changed into his uniform, and got the bus to St Aidan’s school, where he made the fatal mistake of confiding in a few friends, and telling a teacher in strict confidence. “The teacher went straight to the head, and the head called the council – but I don’t think the council had a clue what to do about it in the beginning.”

What a wonderful human being that teacher must be. There’s a political lesson for you – if you tell them anything in confidence, they’ll rat on you. Alternatively, the behaviour of responsible adults is to snoop and betray confidences. Obviously, which lesson is learned will depend on the pupil.


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