wkay – update

So where’s WhoseKidAreYou? “Well, I’m working on it” is the short answer. I have recently reorganised the code in the user script, and I’ve been fiddling with Sindice, a semantic/linked data search engine. I’m fairly certain, however, that the first version out will work like this.

User script tries a range of XPath and DOM parsing options to obtain a byline and identify the element in the page that contains it; it then does various paper-specific things to clean up the data and convert it to wiki-style Name_Surname, and templates this into the query. The query is fired as an XmlHttpRequest in the background – because you can do cross-domain requests inside Greasemonkey – and the page renders anyway while waiting. When the queries to Sindice/DBpedia/Sourcewatch/Tobacco Archives happen, the results get templated in a chunk of HTML, if they contain hits, and then this is used to replace the byline.

Otherwise, a default element pointing you to a Wikipedia edit page will be inserted. That way, we get a triangular feedback going.



    And what?

    five months later…

    You could have just set up a semantic wiki and exported a load of wikipedia shit and linked it.

    Meanwhile your google group has been spammed to fuck.

    Typical. DEspite this. PLs carry on and best of luck.

    I would have done this myself if I thought anyone would 1. contribute or 2. care. But y’know. THis is England. Init?

    • yorksranter

      I am your entirely unjustified sense of entitlement. Unfortunately, my grandfather’s terminal illness took up the bulk of my available time for farting about with software in the last five months. Further, I’d like to remind you of this blog’s Prime Directive; “don’t be such a cunt about it.”

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