hitler hitler hitler

Here’s Henry from Crooked Timber not getting it. Here’s Randy McDonald not getting it. Look, the fact that neo-con wankers deal in baseless smears and mindlessly repeated talking points should neither be cause for surprise, nor should you hope to convince them of anything.

I occasionally make the point that after the Left invented post-modernism, the Right operationalised it and rolled it out as a coherent political-media-aesthetic package. If your politics depends on disagreeing with objective reality, and persuading people to vote against their interests, there is a huge opportunity in the realisation that it’s possible to have multiple competing truths. Setting the limits of debate, and controlling the language in which it is carried out, is a valid and proven strategy for power.

Since then, among other things, we’ve discovered that in fact it is probably impossible to genuinely ignore anything; cognitive neuroscience has demonstrated that our judgements are measurably influenced by information that we know is completely wrong. Further, the mere availability of information increases its force; repetition works. Repetition works. The availability heuristic means that repetition works. Guess why – HITLER! – they keep talking – HITLER! HITLER! – about Hitler – HITLER! – on the most unlikely – HITLER! HITLER! HITLER! – topics.

The upshot is clear and bears repeating; the purpose of a system is what it does, and what this one does is to pollute the information environment with drivel so as to influence your judgement. Of course they are lying, and of course they are talking nonsense. It’s what they do; they managed to invade Iraq like that, perhaps the most successful exercise in political manipulation in recent history.

They’re endlessly repeating mindless crap because it’s what they do. The answers are probably to do the same back to them, but more importantly, to secede from the information systems they dominate; this is arguably what happened in 2008.


  1. Tom

    The consequences of forcing them to fight on your ground being seen in what happened to Andrew Gilligan late last year. Suddenly none of your weapons work and you’re shown up as a mouth on a stick.

    In this case, the biggest weapons in the absence of any interest in defensible arguments are presumably control of the battlefield and a strong self-referencing network of sources who can be relied upon to amplify the message – this tweet from Sadiq Khan MP this morning complaining about coverage of the Nottingham tram extension go-ahead suggests that Labour haven’t twigged yet:

    “It’s a shame the Telegraph didn’t tell the whole story on in their front page. Others are now using this as source rather than seeking facts”

    Wakey, wakey!

    The big question, not being one inclined to conspiracy theory, is to what extent all this was set up, and to what extent it grew organically because that was the way things were done.

  2. cerebus

    No conspiracy fnord here!

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