a pain in the arse…

Oh Gawd, this is precisely one of the things I hate about Symbian S60 development.

OK, so I’ve now got a version of the PythonForS60 runtime that doesn’t require a note from my parents or Jack Straw or God or someone to use GPS; but at some point they’ve pushed out an update to the phone that means I no longer get to choose where I save things it gets sent. A .py file is treated as a plain text file, which is OK, but this means that it gets saved as a “note”. What this means in practice is that it doesn’t appear anywhere in the damn filesystem. (If anyone knows where the bloody things are saved, and how to get at them, thanks in advance.)

So even having got away from the invisible Finnish policemen, I still can’t run my own fucking code already without installing the 9 billion gigabyte Windows-only SDK, “signing up” for God knows how many vacuous “beta user accounts”, and generally hopping about like a blue arsed fly doing absolutely nothing productive. Can we please please please get away from this crap? Can we?


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