The oldest trick in the book of tatty British industry. When times turn tough, find anyone who’s been caught innovating, and sack them. Hence the Obscurer gets rid of Simon Caulkin’s management column, part of their generally excellent business section’ s highly reliable opinion page with William Keegan. But I suppose it leaves more space for high-gloss shoe adverts and diatribes from Nick Cohen.

I’m not saying, I’m just saying, but if you had a broadly left-libertarian magazine or Web site, he would be an excellent choice to contribute. Chris Dillow can’t do it all.


  1. guthrie

    Oh well, another reason not to buy the Observer then.
    Sometimes I think newspapers do it deilberately. They get rid of columnists, run barking mad editorials, and get rid of any views which might challenged the status quo.

  2. henry

    BUT CAULKIN WAS GREAT!!!! (for a management geek really really great – he was open, saw the wider picture of organisational twattishness, the snake oil & evil of consultants, the cult of the Boss, size -vs- function, and even the dangers in the tyranny of structurelessness …. he was interesting, above all, he was interested).
    The Observer is now officially shit.

  3. Your first sentence is repeated in your second sentence.

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