In support of the last post, here’s some more top Pakistan blogging: intelligent comment about the Army in comments at AM, as well as sense from Chris “Chris” Williams, behind a post that demonstrates one of the core failings of Western thought about Pakistan. Specifically, Andy reckons the Pakistani army is failing; but failing to do what? It’s not the American Foreign Legion. That’s the Brits!

There is also sense from Juan Cole.

This is good, and I would like to say various things but for some reason I can’t comment at JK’s any more.

And slathering bigot comes out with something amusing:

The irony is that I always intended the COINdinista label to be affectionate. It plays upon what I think is the deep-seated wanderlust of the prominent counter-insurgents: They actually would rather be insurgents.

There’s something swashbuckling about you and Kilcullen and pretty much anyone else who quotes Lawrence. You see, Lawrence was a revolutionary, really, not a counter-insurgent. For all his bluster, Nir is something of a pirate, too. And Gentile, supposedly the Czar of the Cointras, also has this personality trait.

To truly understand counter-insurgency, you secretly must want to be an insurgent.


  1. Chris Williams

    Ta for the shout. But with regard to the last quote, where does this leave people like Fnord and me – and perhaps also you? We’re insurgent-sympathisers drawn to think about counterinsurgency, which often involves talking to counterinsurgents… Perhaps it’s all nicely reducible to that quote from Macciavelli about knowledge of the state being of the same status, both for those who would reduce its power and for those who would expand it. But there’s always a chance it’s actually the one about that bloke on the jammed guillotine saying “Hang on, I can see where the problem is”.

  2. Riding the wave of ambiguity, Chris. It’s one of the classic survival strategies for weird times. Between East and West Germany, the only freedom is to be in the wall itself…and all that. Jamie’s Office of Sleazy Intelligence.

  3. “The highest ambition of the integrated spectacle is still to turn secret agents into revolutionaries, and revolutionaries into secret agents.”

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