artefact = ideology, again

Speaking of industrial innovation, which we sort of were, Sadly, No finds Mark Steyn being even stupider than I thought possible. He is arguing with every appearance of seriousness that a) General Motors should invest in bigger cars and b) that otherwise family sizes in the US will shrink and TEH NIGRAS!!! Seriously; he’s got a classically 1920s-racist Kakogenik theory monocausally based on automotive styling. J.G. Ballard would be delighted, even if Harley Earl originated the three box saloon rather than the Humvee.

I, however, feel forced to point out that those awful Europeans invented the first MPV, the Renault Espace in 1984 and it’s been in mass production ever since. Unlike the US “minivan”, those aren’t frame-rail construction, V8 powered truck derived gas guzzlers either.

Not that I am surprised by Steyn’s idiocy, of course; it’s just rare that the proof of it is actually rolling off French production lines and driving around the M25.

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