The Conservative Party in six links

I note that no-one has yet anonymously accused Ian Tomlinson of an indictable offence in a national newspaper. Are our standards in truly shameful, underhand, repellent duplicity slipping?

However, a lot of Tories who were OUTRAGED about Sir Ian Blair‘s term as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police seem to be…how can I put this? frit about criticising the police now that The Chief is essentially a Tory appointee.

In fact, they seem desperate to defend Sir Paul Stephenson come what may. Observe:

Ian Tomlinson says: April 8, 2009 at 10:32 am. I fought the law and the law won

Post title: Guess What Happened Next. Stay classy, Paul.

I suspect that informing a group of people that someone has died at the hands of the police is an effective field diagnostic test of psychological authoritarianism. But even so, it’s more than telling to look at some of those links and see the degree of fake concern about Jean Charles de Menezes that gets switched off like a tap with the change of partisan allegiance, to be replaced by a horrible victim-bashing rhetoric full of class-symbols (Millwall! Too many kids! Booze!).


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