On the Viktorfeed – we’ve got a wave of aircraft leaving the UAE without saying where they’re going. Leaving tonight at 0100Z, there’s a gaggle of 8 aircraft from Phoenix Aviation, Sakavia, Sudan Airways, Red Star, and Kenuz. Eh what? There are also some given as supposedly private flights – one uses its registration as a call sign, ST-EWX. That’s Ilyushin 76 serial number 1013409282, of GST Aero (remember them?) and Airwest/East-West in the Sudan. Kenuz is apparently using Kinshasa Airways’ ICAO code KNS. Beyond that there are 15 Phoenix/AVE movements to unknown locations. It all starts at 0100 UK time tonight.

Update: ST-EWX didn’t get away last night – now scheduled for 2100Z tonight. No less than 8 Phoenix are heading for unknown locations today – next one out is PHW6007 at 1300Z followed by PHW402 at 1700Z.

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