So how well would the Mayor of Winnipeg deal with an astronomical spring tide at the same time as a gale from the north in the North Sea? Eh? Eh? Does Winnipeg have enough million ton reinforced concrete gates?

(If you heard this evening’s BBC Radio news you’ll know what I mean.)


  1. hellblazer

    missed the Radio 4 spot, tho’ a friend emailed me about it. Based on personal but limited experience, you don’t get *that* much snow in Winterpeg. Not as much as the cities further east, it seems.

    Given Winnipeg’s location, if the mayor was confronted with a spring tide of any sort he’d be a bit surprised. But I take it that was your point…

  2. Oi! Where’s your RSS feed?

  3. yorksranter


    Actually, the mayor of Winnipeg was very sensible. In fact, he said as much that Winnipeg is better at snow because it has so much of it, and London has different problems. It was the premise that I had a problem with.

  4. “XML parse error”, says Sage.

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