This year’s EIA Electric Power Annual shows that the majority of new electricity generation in the US is now accounted for by wind. And there’s a great paper from Stanford University here on the alternatives for powering the transport sector.

The shorter is that electric vehicles using wind power are the best possible alternative, but the bit that surprised me was just what a thrashing the producers of Gay Electricity give to all the other options. There has been a good deal of handwaving about how much land wind power uses, multiplied by even handwavier figures for Indirect Land-Use Change CO2 emissions; but yer man estimates that powering the US transport sector that way would use six orders of magnitude less footprint than biofuel and three orders of magnitude less than nuclear.

The others gain something back when he considers the space between the turbines, but even then, it is far from enough to save the day. The energy payback time is as little as 4 months in a design life of 30 years. It’s hilarious, in a grim way, that so many people who should know much better think wind is some sort of weird caprice invented by Gordon Brown to annoy them personally.


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