The Register: pathetic tabloid hackery

The Register is all squashy on censorship – when it suits one of the million or so bees buzzing around their bonnet. So the Internet Watch Foundation (funded by News Corp) gets its knickers in a twist about a Wikipedia page and accidentally makes Wikipedia verboten for much of the UK.

And what do they have to say?

Wikipedia isn’t a user-generated utopia. It’s a cultish self-contradiction that can’t help but undermine its own ideals

I’ve not quoted the links, but suffice it to say that they’re to a pair of silly-clever “contrarian” opinion pieces that must once have pulled some traffic through the ads, just like their “contrarian” climate change denial turdery.


  1. Gdr

    It’s always been the Register’s editorial position that Wikipedia is a corrupt religious cult. For some years the Wikipedia beat was covered by Andrew Orlowski on his own (maybe he had some edits reverted or articles deleted and thought this would be a good way to even the score?) but it’s nice to see they have more reporters covering this important story now.

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