Mortgage Pig vs Black Swan

RIP. Gilliard was a master of the snark element, Chris Lightfoot of the hacker element, Tanta of the policy element of great blogging. Together it’s the blogging triathlon. (Yes, I agree this sounds a bit chilly.)

More broadly, folk like “Black Swan” Taleb have to deal with the fact that their great unpredictable validating event was predicted, years in advance, with considerable precision, by unofficial people who weren’t paid six figure bonuses in any currency, as well as by economics professors who were paid considerably more. The CR team can claim to have predicted the housing crash not like economists – There is a significant risk of this happening, but we can’t say when – but like meteorologists. Something like a crash has been observed building up in the North Atlantic, and it is coming closer at a rate of 5 knots. We expect it any time after X hundred hours.


  1. Nice to see people still talking about Chris like this. Did you see we dedicated to him?

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