don’t compromise, visualise

Oh yes, gleeful leftie hacker tournament after the BNP did a 0.16 megarecord datafart. My effort contains absolutely no personally-identifying data; it’s made with this guy’s count by region and population data from National Statistics, to show the number of BNP activists per 100 citizens in each UK region. People kept asking for that kind of information, so I made it. Note that the g-spreadsheet guy used classifications that don’t quite map to NatStats’ regions, so I decided to assume that his “South Central England” was the West Midlands and “Midlands” was the East Midlands, and total Yorks & Humber and North-East to match his “North East England”.

Update: Well, in the end I used his numbers by county to create a table that matches the regions. Here’s a new and correct visualisation that shows Yorkshire where it should be, in the lead. Ernst Wilhelm Bohle lives!

8e8754ae-b737-11dd-bf3a-000255111976 Blog_this_caption


  1. Chris E

    Wouldn’t it be better as a google graph?

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    […] put together a series of post analysing the membership data. First he provided a a graph showing the number of BNP activists per 100 people per region, then he proved that the swamping myth of people turning to the BNP because of being […]

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