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This is fascinating; Laura Rozen has details of the Italian inquiry into the Abu Omar rendition case. You know the one – when the CIA agents foolishly brought their own roaming mobile phones and spent a fortune staying in Bondesque hotels. The really interesting thing is that the inquiry is throwing up more and more cross-links with the Italian branch of the Niger uranium story.

It seems, if I understand the document correctly, that the same semi-official skunkworks inside Italian military intelligence that was responsible for the Abu Omar case was also the point of contact for the effort to gin-up the WMD story – and the various other weird things going on with Michael Ledeen, Larry Franklin and pals. And it was also the handler of a journalist who the SISMI used to a) smear various journalists, and b) blame the French for the forgery.

Here is a sample of this material; it’s no accident, surely, that it ended up on in September, 2004. That joint must have been thick with dark actors playing games back then. Note also that the smear campaigners tailored the material to its use very carefully. The entire thrust of it is intended to flip the story on its head – rather than the reality, in which people very close to the US and Italian governments conspired to fake the WMD story for their own ends, the fake explains how the French conspired with a secret Democratic Party group, Laura Rozen, Josh Marshall, and Kevin Drum(!) to fake the fake documents, in order to attack “3B – Bush, Blair and Berlusconi”. It’s hella Stiftung.

It’s also wonderfully wingnut, especially the bit in comments where some of them start arguing that Niger should be spelt properly, with two Gs, and others explain patiently that, no, it rhymes with “tiger”.

But what I want to know about this is…what was in it for the Italians?


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  2. Chris E

    How soon before some connection is made between this whole affair and Licio Gelli?

  3. Raphael

    what was in it for the Italians?

    Judging from what I’ve heard about people in and close to Italian MI, some of them might have helped the Cheney crowd out of ideological conviction. Keep in mind that many right-leaning types in Europe seem to believe very strongly that it’s important always to do everything a right wing US Administration asks for.

    Or it was simply a matter of “helps us out here, and everything will be fine the next time you ask us for some favour”.

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