Birthday Present

So, walking back from dinner, what did I catch lurking in a side street? Yes, but yes, one of these…

There it waited, with a 4-way CCTV installation lunging out the roof like a Blairite erection…I took photographs, and the driver suddenly reversed. But he or she didn’t go. So I called the phone number on the side – 08705 899799 – and demanded to know what they were looking for. They said – Surveillance. They wanted to know where I was. I wouldn’t tell them. Why should they know? Shouldn’t they be answering the questions?

So I asked what it was surveilling. “Well, things,” said the Geordie on the line. I asked him who the scheme controller was under the Data Protection Act. “I don’t know.” “IT’S YOUR LEGAL DUTY TO KNOW.” So, I said, I’ll just have to report the company to the polis then won’t I? And I will, as soon as I’ve consulted the guys from Spyblog.

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