TYR 2.0 Beta

<s>Whilst you snooze, this blog has been moving; I set up an alternate version of it some months ago using WordPress, but until now it’s been private</s>. Well, the blog moved here, that is. The upgrade should provide a generally less Spirit of 2003 look-and-feel, improved comments support (a frequent request), a recent comments service, better categorisation, and a linklog.

I’d really like your comments, people; the new blog has been tested by a select group of invitees already. Feedback so far includes requests for a more contrasty colour scheme. I personally want to put in a third column to house things like the linklog and comments separately from the archives and categorisation.

However, can it really be true that WordPress.com wants me to *pay to edit my CSS*? What is this nonsense? Further, is anyone aware of an API that lets you interact directly with the MySQL db underneath, as I want to replace all the links to yorkshire-ranter.blogspot.com/somearticle.html with ones to the corresponding yorksranter.wordpress.com?

  1. Why not get a proper domain/webhost and run wordpress from there?

  2. Pinche Borracho

    Feels like I’ve been transported into the future – well, at least out of that Blogspot rendered present at TYR 1.0. Please Move Categories up, Archives down and explore using both “sides” of the frame. You’ll have to upgrade those god awful graphics over at TYR or you’ll ghetto this thing up pretty quickly. Just keep up the fantastic content and we’ll forgive…


  3. dsquared

    I think what it needs is a little javascript clock that follows your cursor around.

    Seriously, I liked the orange colour scheme.

  4. Neil

    +1 for martin wisse’s suggestion. You could run any blog system you like.

  5. Looking good. The only thing I would say is that your archive and category lists are loooooong and I wonder how helpful the are.

    If you can use plugins or widgets on this WordPress installation, I’d have a look at some of the archiving options available.

  6. yorksranter

    Of course the archive list is long; there are some 1,750 posts back to June, 2003!

  7. Indeed. i just wonder if there’s a more usable way of presenting archives. I’m constantly on the look out for one.

  8. Justin: over at my own blog, I use a dropdown Javascript thingie for it, which I nicked from Plastic Bag.

  9. I use the Sandbox theme and, yes, pay to edit my CSS – it’s a pretty trifling amount. If you’ve got a template that takes widgets, you can save a bit of space (and maybe go to two columns) by replacing the category & archive by date lists with dropdowns.

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