Test The Theory!

Looming war over water between Georgia and Tennessee?

Note to self; charter Ilyushin-76, sell arms to both sides, make a fortune. Relatedly, over at my new favourite blog, they’re discussing driving 400 kilometres a day across the savannah in your Land Cruiser and a mystery delivery in a whole Antonov-124…or possibly even an An-225? It’s not impossible; there is chatter that President Deby’s forces got arms from Israel, and look who was in town on the 2nd of February, the day the rebels hit the bright lights. Fascinatingly, the crews of his Mi-24 HIND gunships included both Ukrainians and people described as “Mexicans”; Mexico has never operated this aircraft.

An-225 at LLBG, 02/02/08

Update: As Freightdog points out in comments, it’s unrealistic to imagine that the only An-225 would have gone there if only for insurance reasons.


  1. Gridlock

    Je nes pas parlais francais, ich bin ein rosbiffer – so any chance of some more context?

    You can get me all excited with talk of Mexicans flying into battle in Mi-24s, apparently delivered by the Moby Dick of the Aeroflot fleet and then direct me to a load of Frenchies!

    I tried Google translation but technical terms make it babble incoherently.

  2. Freightdog

    This was not going to NDJ. With all due respect, but not everything these planes do is fueling wars.

    Antonov Design Bureau, the actual operator of the An225 would not send their “Flagship” into such a civil war area. Conditions (ATC, airspace authority etc) are very different there than in IQ or AF.

    This may explain any An124 sighted in NDJ before/after the coup:


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