Bring your friends

Do you want to take part in the very first blogging lobby of Parliament? More seriously, if you’ve already written to them and demanded that all our Iraqi employees are taken along with us before we withdraw from Iraq, here is your next set of instructions.

On Tuesday, the 9th October, 2007, between 1900-2100</strong hours, there will be a lobbying event in Parliament, specifically in Committee Room 14, St. Stephen’s Entrance. Taking part will be some of the soldiers who originally recruited the Iraqis who the Government is now trying to let down. And some bloggers.

We’re also expecting Channel 4 News, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live, and a full set of the serious press (except the sodding Independent, for fuck’s sake. What’s wrong with them?) Labour MP Lynne Featherstone, Tory MP Ed Vaizey, and “at least one Labour backbencher” are expected, plus any other politicos we can drag away from the gin for five minutes.

So; we want you to turn up, and we want you to write to them demanding that they turn up. If you haven’t already written to them, what the hell do you think you’re playing at? Talking points for a first letter are here.

Come as you are, but keep the tentacles inside your coat, OK?

  1. Phil

    except the sodding Independent, for fuck’s sake. What’s wrong with them?

    Lack of people?

  2. Alex

    Well, they *were* desperate enough to hire two subs from the Daily Hell..

  3. Richard

    Great idea, though I’m sure Lynne Featherstone would be horrified to see herself described as a “Labour MP” – she’s very much a Liberal Democrat.

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