Back through the Mills

Right, despite the Heaving Strangler‘s cluelessness, I bring you a brief timeline of Mr and Mrs David Mills’s mortgages.

1979. House in Kentish Town bought in cash.

15th July, 1987. Kentish Town house mortgaged with Mortgage Fund Corporation Ltd.

18th March, 1991. Remortgage with Coutts & Co.

1993. Warwickshire house bought in cash.

17th May, 1996. Coutts mortgage paid off.

25th October, 1996. Warks house mortgaged with Guinness Mahon & Co.

January 1998. Warks mortgage paid off.

1999. £350,000 paid into offshore fund.

21st July, 2000. Warks house mortgaged with Hambros Bank.

14th August, 2000. Warks mortgage paid off – three weeks later

27th September, 2000. Kentish Town house mortgaged with Hambros.

1st December, 2000. KT mortgage paid off (with the Berluscash – three months later)

28th February, 2002. Both mortgaged with Mortgage Express.

19th March, 2002. Kentish Town house paid off. three weeks later

25th March, 2002. Warks house paid off. a few days later

9th July, 2002. Both mortgaged with the Alliance & Leicester. Still outstanding.

They did it three times. What were the other two transactions about? And who on earth refinances a mortgage at higher interest rates as they did in 1991?


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