FRLs – Further Ramblings on the Law and Saddam?

Another issue which militates in favour of a legal conclusion is that it ought to be a much clearer case than that against Milosevic. Much of the geologically slow wrangling at The Hague has been about the application of the principle of command responsibility for war crimes. Given that Saddam Hussein held the posts of Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council, Leader of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party of Iraq, President of the Republic of Iraq, and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces – that shouldn’t be so hard to achieve…and it might go some way to achieving what Iraq Now, a US National Guard officer blogging from Iraq thinks is necessary:

“I wrote before, in War of Ideologies, it’s not enough just to capture Saddam Hussein. It’s not enough to militarily defeat the Saddamites and radical Muslim sects. This war will not be over until those movements are discredited on their home turf”


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